Video Poker

The initial slot machines with spinning reels were presented in 1891 by Sittman and Pit. It used 50 card symbols through five drums and the goal was to hit a winning poker hand. Later, the playing card symbols were replaced by spades, hearts, bells and horseshoes. At the start of the 1970s the first Video Poker game was introduced in Las Vegas. The game skyrocketed with the induction of draw poker in 1979 and it’s been moving along ever since. Now video poker games can be played online. Most casinos have numerous types of online video poker games to select and frequently new games are introduced. Online video poker gives the gambler a chance to play very advanced games with numerous plays, unique bonuses and vast progressive jackpots that are ignited when a player receives a special hand, generally a royal straight flush.

A traditional video poker machine is quite similar to a slot machine. The goal is to create the best available five card poker hand. If it’s a good hand, the more money goes in the player’s pocket. It’s important when playing video poker games online to always notice the payout table of the particular machine to get the precise amounts. In this way a player understands what type of card they should hold and which ones they should expose in order to expand their chances of winning. If a player knows hand rankings in poker, online video poker will be a breeze and if someone has played slots they’ll get the video poker game picture quickly.

Video poker may seem to be a straight forward game but there are some strategies to be utilized if a player wants to enhance their chances. Even though the majority of video poker games uses hand rankings in poker there are some rules that must be understood before playing. There are tons of online variations with certain rules and prizes depending on the video poker game being occupied. It’s been stated that “the game only becomes exciting when there’s money involved.” Many casinos will let players practice for free but there’s no incentive to win. Gambling involves winning and losing. Video poker games are no exception to the rule. Online video poker has a fantastic variety of games. For old-time players and online devotees.

Casinos offering video poker games:
Betfair Casino, party casino and Centrebet Casino

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