Baccarat Game

For online casinos the selected baccarat variation is Punto Banco the American popular version. This baccarat game version is an easier spiel than Chemin de Fer the European version. In Punto Banco all players play against the casino while the players aren’t permitted any pronouncements. Also Punto Banco can be engaged in between the player and the casino and steps are taken depending on the cards dealt. However, in the European version players wager against each other.

Baccarat rules are quite simple. The aim is to get as near to nine as possible. The player obtains two cards. The cards merit are their face value except for aces, which merit one point and picture cards are worth zero. Only single numbers are possible; after nine comes zero, one, two and so on. If a online player is dealt a nine and has two, his sum would be one. If he had an eight and was dealt a six, the sum would be four. The simplest way to figure the totals are to remove the “tens” in place from any two digit number. So 18 becomes 8 and 19 becomes 9. The rules are easy whether you play online or in a land casino plus online baccarat has one of the lowest house edges.

Winning a baccarat game is determined by the player’s hand. If he is dealt an eight or nine, he has a natural, and wins immediately unless the dealer has an eight or nine too. If the player has another point total, the dealer may or may not deal him a card depending on the sum. This is not the players decision, as it is decided automatically. Likewise, the banker’s decision is already determined in relation to the player’s total. Whomever has the highest point total wins. Baccarat bettors have the choice of betting on the player or the banker to win or tie. To bet on a tie offers very bad odds and most players avoid it. Thus the destiny of the player is much like that of the Etruscan Virgin who was forced to roll a nine sided dice. Whether playing baccarat games online or a land casino it’s an easy elegant game to learn. Using the correct baccarat game strategies with the correct terms guarantees a good baccarat game experience.

Casinos that offer baccarat:
Casino Euro, Betfair Casino and Party Casino

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